Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The final chapters of law school

De La Salle University De La Salle University Manila De La Salle University Law School De La Salle University College Of Law DLSU Law DLSU Law School BGC Bonifacio Global City Building The Fort

To be completely honest, I'm simply looking forward to getting out of this Juris Doctor degree alive, and having my chill and relaxed self back. A year, or two, left before I scram off and be a backpacking geographer again. But on the positive note, my father was completely right - La Salle was where my "luck" was all along. I gained some genuine friends here, and have learned so much stuff that the University of the Philippines never taught me despite being there for most of my life. I just hope I survive the next and final chapters of this journey because as much as I hate it, I know I'll regret not finishing it. As a popular quote goes, "It's difficult to follow your dream, but it's a tragedy not to." Though being a lawyer isn't the biggest dream of mine, it's the one that I put the most time into. It would be nice to have a happy ending waiting, after all this.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

One day they'll regret not appreciating you enough

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One day, a number of people will be regretting their decision of letting you go, of not seeing your worth a lot earlier, of underestimating you for what they think you are. 

But before that day comes, look around and remember the ones who stood by through everything, the people who were never embarrassed to call you their 'friend', 'a person they had dinner once', 'someone who they thought would be their lover' or simply 'an amazing human being.' 

You can't force people to see you the way you see yourself, but you can always maintain a certain level of confidence knowing that you, even in your barest skin and bones, are good enough, and sometimes more than enough, for the people who truly appreciate you.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

This time next year

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This time next year I’ll be invited to firms, up my study game to Super Saiyan levels, preparing for graduation, getting ready for the exam of my life which is the Philippine Bar, and perhaps just plain happy that this chapter of my life is coming to a close. This time next year with all faith and certainty, I surrender this claim.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Point of no return: Halfway through law school

DLSU Law De La Salle University College of Law Bonifacio Global City BGC Law School Taguig Architecture St. la Salle Hall Taft Manila Green Archer Green Archers

It seems like eons ago since I took the entrance exams to get into the Juris Doctor programs of University of the Philippines - College of Law, Ateneo De Manila University - School of Law School and the De La Salle University - College of Law. I passed Ateneo Law and La Salle Law respectively, and here I am now, halfway through the journey already under the wing of La Salle.

Here in the halfway point of the law school journey, here is yours truly standing strong with a 85-86% grade point average, passed everything but unfortunately failed one subject (which 'luckily' is not a prerequisite to any higher law subject), and down with my last set of law school subjects. I can still graduate on time if I give it everything, don't fxxx up anything from now on, pass all the remaining subjects and overload on my Juris Doctor elective subjects come senior year.

I and a few others are also currently requesting that we'd be given a removal examination for that one subject I failed so I hope that ends positively.  I easily got over it since it's not a prerequisite to any higher law subject, and I have accepted that though the lower one-third of the class was automatically failed by the professor. But I'm still hoping we'll be given an exam to change our grade. Let's cross our fingers for that one!

The law school journey so far has been so tiring, frustrating and full of anger for me. For one, I'm a happy-go-lucky person who, as much as possible, doesn't want to be involved in any kind of problem. The environment in law school has been the total opposite so far. The problems now voluntarily come to me! Most of them come in the form of academics, but the more stressful ones are the non-academics.

Second, I always feel like the people around me are measuring me up based on the grades I get, the scores of my exams, or how the professors treat me. I could easily throw these things over my head to be honest, but being in law school 24/7 when the semester starts, one can't help but have these thoughts often.

Finally, I also have a lot of extra work on my shoulder because I have been assigned to be my block's beadle for more than a year already. A beadle is basically a 'leader' of the block, and is the first person any law professor will know when he handles a course with a certain block. The beadle is also the professor's contact, hence the assignments and updates for a law course will be directed to the beadle first. Aside from these, the beadle is the one who schedules the midterm and final examinations, and negotiates with the professor the concerns of his block. This might sound easy, but it isn't. Exam scheduling in law school is grueling since every single person is thinking of his own survival and study schedule. Moreover, some blocks might have the same professor for a certain course as another block, so each beadle would have to

 There have been a number of times when some of my batchmates have shouted at me or have had ill feelings of me with regard to examination schedules or the way a professor treats our block compared to theirs. One time, some fatty shouted at me for allegedly changing the schedule of a major commercial law subject to our block's favor without consulting their block. That and much more happens in a highly-stressful and competitive environment like law school. I'm just lucky that I have the ability to space out when need, and that I don't really mind when an ugly person losses his/her temper in front of me. Of course I didn't think about it much, and I thoroughly explained the situation t. There. My blockmates don't know much about these things, but some

Now that I am at the halfway point, I would like to make a few changes in my strategy and daily habits in my last two years of studying the law, and finally becoming a lawyer.

First, I no longer want to be beadle of my block anymore. As of the end of the last semester, I have told my blockmates through our Facebook group of my wish to discontinue the post. Sure the professor might know the beadle, but it also puts an invisible magnifying glass on my performance and ability as a student. And the last consideration is that my highest semestral GPA was when I was not beadle at all and minded my own business. 

Second, with regard to my one and only failure so far, I will make sure that I make up for it whether it be for a possible removal examination or a retake. It is not a pre-requisite to any higher law subject, and I have accepted that though the lower one-third of the class was automatically failed by the professor. But I do not want to make excuses. I better ace the hell out of it in order to maintain my GPA.

Third, I will fully concentrate in law school from now on. My wish is that the college would open slots for elective courses in summer of 2017 so I can catch up with those, and in a way, lighten up my load for the final year of my degree.

Now I move on from DLSU's Taft Campus to our very own campus in Bonifacio Global City. Cheers to our last two years in law school!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The view

Bonifacio Global City Taguig Art StreetArt Woman Chill Millenial Street Art Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Bistro Lazy Sunday Artworks Paintings Philippines Asia Travel

This is a view from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Bistro in 26th Street of Bonifacio Global City. A few months ago I sat in this coffee shop staring at the exact, same view after I got rejected for the nth time in firm internship applications. 

Rejection and failing are not new to me, but I have to admit they hurt and frustrate me everytime. It is as if a scar that healed would open up again and again. It was my fault for applying only for the firms I wanted (very few), and not broadened my selection or maybe there were other factors.

Maybe I did not have enough connections? 

Or maybe I was just not good enough? 

Who knows! 

But now a few months later, I found myself in the same coffee shop to rest from a tireful day of walking. It then occurred to me that I'm done with internship already! I may not have entered the corporate firms I initially wanted, but I was able to have an unforgettable time doing it with an environmental organization in Palawan. 

I'll just try out for those firms next time, but I'm honestly over the entire situation already. 

Maybe I'll be luckier in other aspects of life starting this year? Hopefully! Let's hope that the stars would be a bit kinder to this young man over here. Now I look at this view of the city in a positive light.