Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Geography Week 2010 Experience

Wow. I can't believe we finished this year's Geography Week with a big bang. This week was really a hectic week for me in university. Geography Week is a one week event by our department to celebrate its achievements as well as its alumni, and to spread awareness about the study of geography as a discipline and a career path. It was full of activities and most of the activities involved either me presenting a field study or me dancing to a K-pop tune in one of the events. This is all thanks to our very dedicated geography Department Representative Robert who really did his very best in organizing all the events this week. Kudos to you Geograbert! Everyone from the teachers to the students really did enjoy the various activities that were offered. And who wouldn't? This year's Geography Week was full of fun, fun and more fun!

What I did this week:

1) I made posters and the official tarpaulin for this year's event. It was my first time to do a tarpaulin, and I just did it using the free program Photofiltre. Here's the final output.

UP Diliman Geography design

2) After the opening exhibit on the first day was the food festival courtesy of the different regional geography classes in our department. It's a tradition in the department that the regional geography classes prepare food from the areas they study for everyone to eat and appreciate. My favorite was the food by Ma'am Ros' Geography 131: Geography of the Philippines class since there were free ice cream and taho. I remember Erika, Kath and I were the first people to get the free ice cream from the sorbetero. I really stuffed myself with adobo, fish fillet (from the Geography of Europe class) and lots and lots of rice. When it comes to free food, expect me to be first in line.

3) Third was the Social Science Research: The Geographical Way presentation. The program was a venue for the presentation of methods and outputs of all the Geography 192: Field Methods in Geography classes of Summer 2008-2009. All in all there were four teams who presented: The Agusan Team who did an eco-tourism assessment of Agusan Marsh, the team from Pakil, Laguna, the team from Kinakin, Ifugao who did a Community Resource inventory in one of the barangay (village) in the said place, and of course our team, the one and only Team Antipolo! I also made the poster for the event.

geography up diliman social science research

Our team, composed of twelve students and two geography professors, were assigned to do a Community Resource Management Framework Plan for the CUFAI area in Brgy. Calawis, Antipolo City. A Community Resource management Plan or the CRMFP is a document that records the different resources in a community and how they are utilized by the people.

Along with the CRMFP are other outputs for both the local government and the government offices that helped us. First of these other outputs is the massive forest occupants map and six other maps. The forest occupants map is a very large map of all the houses in the area in absolute location. We were able to produce it through the help of spot maps, forest occupants census and aerial photo interpretation (by yours truly). The other maps were the land cover map, elevation map, land use map, zoning map and the location map. Second is the Process Documentation. It is a document that records all our experiences in the field but more importantly, the different geographical methodologies we used in order to produce the CRMFP. The PD is for the use of CEWMO-Antipolo and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Techniques on aerial photo interpretation, remote sensing, GIS, transect mapping and KII and FGD interviews are all in the document with individual write-up from all the members of our team. The third and last output is the updated Barangay Profile of our host area. During the fieldwork last summer, we decided that we could contribute to our host barangay by updating their existing barangay profile.

Joyce and I were the presenters of our team. Joyce presented the first half which consisted of the nature of the project, its objectives and the different data gathering methodologies we have undertaken for the content of the CRMFP. I on the other hand presented the second half which consisted of the mapping methodologies we have done such as aerial photo interpretation, transect mapping, mapping with the farmers of the place and GIS techniques. Honestly I'm glad the presentation went well. Another teammate, Mark, prepared and edited our presentations which was a big help. Sir Eugenio of Antipolo City was also there to watch us. I think I could have done better in my presentation, but I did well in speaking in front of the students and giving them my piece of knowledge and experience in the field. We also showed this simple video of our team during the field. 

4) We also attended a career orientation for geography majors last Thursday. I was really excited to come to the career orientation since I'll be graduating this year. I'm curious what's out there for a geography student like me. Personally I'm really the type who wants to explore the world for the younger years of my life. In work, what I'm looking for is a job that would entail me to use the knowledge I've learned in geography in the field. So maybe a job in the field would be fit for me? A job in a company might also suit me. But to be honest I think I suit anything and I can do anything that is asked of me. The career orientation helped me in making my future plans more concrete. There were a lot of speakers in the event; professional geographers of all sizes and ages were there to speak to us about their experiences in work and what they do. I'm still deciding what path I will take after my time here in UP Diliman. A good thing to do might be to ask my professors about my strengths as a potential geographer. I should also ask for the advice of my parents and friends. But of course, in myself I know what I want in life but we have to take it step-by-step and plan tangible and concrete actions for us to achieve our goals. 

Geography Week was really fun. I hope everyone enjoyed it because I really enjoyed it to the maximum level. Go Geography!