Friday, April 2, 2010

Tempest of Love

I'll try a hand in writing a love poem.

You who I have loved most where are you now?

The sun and breeze have witnessed my deep longing for you
You come and go like summer leaves
You are like rain in a cloudless sky
The blooming flowers outside have felt my sadness
Your distance is breaking yet your shadow I have not seen.

You who I have loved a little how are you now?
The well inside my mind howls your echo somehow.
You love and love more but I cannot give back
Forgive me if I have not loved you as much as you desire
But my gravity pull me away to move to a warmer skin.

You who I knew not long ago who is beside me now
You love me like the waves when they splash to rocks.
The river of your love is so strong yet I do not feel its flow
Like the snakes around my heart have told me
"Let go of the love which does not sustain you,
let go of the love that does not fill you up."

You who I am yet to love are you coming now?
My heart has been longing to see you, to hold you, to rest on you
I wish to unfold your mystery as you come to pass my road
I am waiting for your great winds
I am waiting for your storm
I am waiting for you here
Come and give me the tempest of your love
Please do hurry

Okay that's just it.