Friday, July 29, 2011

The little girl in the airport

I got into trouble in an airport on my way back to my hometown this month. I had excess baggage and the money I had with me wasn't enough. Thanks to good karma, a man in his late thirties who happened to be in the same flight as me was kind enough to lend me a decent amount of money. He had a little girl with him. I thanked him for his kindness and promised to pay him the moment we arrive to our destination.

On my way to the waiting gate, I saw the man raise his hand signaling me to come to him and his niece. He said he wanted to spend some time smoking and he would be leaving his niece to me. I agreed.

The little girl was three years of age. She was wearing a yellow blouse, a pink skirt and a pink pair of sandals. At first, the girl wasn't speaking to me despite my efforts to talk to her. But in thirty minutes or so, we were playing in the airport while waiting for our plane to come. She was asking me a lot of questions and even sitting on my lap as we wait for her uncle. When her uncle came back, he was glad to see that me and his niece got along well in a short period of time.

Funny how it was easier to make friends in the days when we were still younger. Back when we didn't fully understand the complexities and the 'evils' of the world yet. You can approach anyone whom you like to be friends with. No additional issues. Run away and play if you must. If you and the other kid happen to get along well then congratulations for having a new friend.

It's more difficult to make friends with total strangers when you grow up. The complexities of the adult way of thinking fog the innocent act of starting friendships. Older people, or should I say 'Those who are not kids anymore', would either be reluctant to accept or even start new friendships brought about by spur-of-the-life moments and gut feels.

The little girl I met in the airport reminds us that sometimes, we should go back to being little version of ourselves when it comes to friendship. Perhaps we'll see an interesting person somewhere. Don't be afraid to start a conversation. If he won't respond then fine. No hard feelings! Or when somebody who seems genuine strikes a conversation with you and you're in a safe public place, don't be afraid to hold your guard down and talk a little. You might learn something interesting. Perhaps you want to see your friend, call her up! If she's not available then it's okay. Maybe some other time.

When we arrived in our destination, the little girl gave me a big hug and even kissed me on the cheeks. Funny how I never remembered her name.


As a bonus, here's a cute conversation we had as I was carrying her on our way to the airplane with her uncle walking on my side.
Me: "So what would you like to be when you grow up?"
Little Girl: "I want to be a nurse."
Me: "Wow. A nurse. That's great. Why is it that you want to be a nurse then?"
Little: "Because I'm still in NURSEry."