Sunday, September 4, 2011

Earvin, the diplomat in a sleek tuxedo

Last night, I dreamed that I was in a international conference in India. I was the representative of the Philippines to attend the event and I was tasked to speak in behalf of the country. I was seated on stage and beside me were two other gentlemen. I can't remember what the other one looked like but the man seated nearest the edge was Caucasian. Anyway, I was dressed in a sleek tuxedo which I think looked very good on me. It was a British cut which I prefer (Note: In real life, I have always prefered British cut coats for formal wear. The American cuts make me look bulkier since I already have broad shoulders). It seemed to me that I was a diplomat.

As the program went along, there was a disturbance among the government officials who were present that when it was my time to speak, people on stage were very noisy. As I began to deliver my speech, I noticed that there was a woman at the back (she was seated on stage too) who was complaining about the way I speak and my delivery. She was saying that my style is not the proper way of speaking for an international event. This has caused me to stutter on stage during my delivery. However, looking at the audience, all of whom came from different parts of the globe, they were all listening to me attentively. I ended up not finishing my speech because the woman behind became uncontrollable with the words she was saying. Despite this, the audience of the international event gave me a standing ovation and liked my speech.

I felt really heavy waking up. It is as if I was really there, and failed to deliver the speech in the way I wanted to. So what I did is that I tried to deliver the speech while I was lying on bed. I'm not afraid of public speaking as long as I prepared for it, set my mind into it and know what I'm talking about.

I think the dream means that I shouldn't be afraid to be myself. There will always be people who will not like like the way I act, the way I talk or my entire being. My life will always be mine. No one should control what I want to achieve in life and where I want to be headed. Some people might say they want the best for you - only if they like it themselves. And as much as other people may not like me, there will be supportive people around. As I learned a long time ago, we should always focus on people who bring positivity into our lives. Don't mind the Negative Nancies, the blackholes and the energy vampires.

P.S. In real life, I can't afford tuxedos.