Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gary Go tweeted me and I'm a bit giddy

Well, you guys know how much of a fan boy I am when it comes to Gary Go. So this afternoon while I was finishing up my requirements for a scholarship, I tried to check out his store. I found a cute book titled My First Twook, a compilation of some of his tweets. So yeah, I want to have a copy of the book but I don't know how so I updated my Twitter about wanting to have it. Unexpectedly, he tweeted me (for the second time since I joined Twitter).

Gary Go Twitter Tweet Fan Twook

I'm just proper giddy to have a tweet from Gary Go. I didn't really mention him in Twitter-style so I think it's quite cute. So, if somebody out there is kind enough to give me the Gary Go book I'm taking about, I'm more than welcome to accept it. I sound so desperate right? But really, I'm just a happy bloke now. I was a bit down and tired today so this really got my spirits up again. Thanks Gary Go even if you tweeted me to promote your book.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Personal blogs rock you know

Most of the blogs I used to like in the mid and late 2000s seem to have lost their personal flavor in present day. Instead of seeing the interests and anecdotes of the author, what I see are adverts and paid articles. There is nothing wrong with advertising in blog sites but some blogs that I genuinely liked before are nothing more than advertisement pages now. It is as if they have lost their blog's soul. Some personal bloggers have let advertising eat up their blogs.

One of the great blogs that has retained its spirit and personal flair through the years is Bianca Gonzales' The Diary of a Supergirl Wannabe. Ala Paredes' now defunct Alaism has also successfully transitioned itself to Ala's Dos and still retaining a personal flavor. Kuya Dong Ho's personal travel blog, Eskapo 3.0, has also grown for the better since it started in 2008. These blogs are personal yet they still appeal to a wide range of people.

I'm hoping my blog evolves for the better in the coming years. The last thing I want this blog to be is to become soulless. Personal blogs rock!