Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eleven lessons from 2011

The year 2011 is ending tonight, and what better way to end the year here in my blog than to post eleven of the many lessons I've learned this year. These eleven lessons are important this year, and that in my writing them down, you might learn from them too - and that in the future I'll read these again to remember what I've learned to not put this year into waste.

1. If possible, move on from people who have already moved on from you.
There's no point in holding on to something that's not there anymore, even if you'd wish there is. Unless he or she is gonna be there right in front of you, then it shouldn't really cloud your thoughts. What matters is that you don't hold any grudges, and that your doors are always open. More importantly, focus yourself in the present and the future.

2. Be in control of your own life (if you can handle it).
In the end, it's about your own happiness and how you want to live your own freakin' life. You're not here to fulfill your parent's wishes or to be the new somebody else. You're here to be your own self and make your stay in this world happy and worthwhile as you wait for The Boss to pick you up. I haven't fully applied this in my own life yet though. Having said that, I think I'll be needing a new job soon.

3. Get rid of the bad people in your life.
No guilty feelings or even second thoughts, just get rid of them. You don't need to put up with people who make you feel bad especially when they don't give you money nor support you. Screw them. I've learned this lesson last year but this year, I've been able to put it into action more. Now, I'm a happier chap.

4. Know the people who are gonna support you no matter what.
It pays to know who your friends really are. Graduating from college allowed me to know the people who genuinely care about me.

5. Study contracts over and over again before signing your name on them.
This will save you. Trust me.

6. 'Quitters are losers' is not a universal rule.
You might discover that the career you are pursuing now might not be the career you thought you'd want to do for the rest of your life. Sometimes, the best decisions we have to make for ourselves might not be the best decision for the people around us. Your life, your rules.

7. Blogging might get you a publishing deal.
I happen to read a certain thread in Popjustice about the book Exit Through the Wound by North Morgan. As the thread progressed, it turns out that the author of the book is a Popjustice forum member himself. He got his publishing deal when publishers saw his blog. So blogging might not be that bad after all. 

8. Be more transparent.
In the past two years of my blog, I've been writing very safe entries. You know, the usual 'This afternoon, I went to this place which was awesome.' Screw it. I'll try to write more honest entries next year, though bland entries wouldn't be avoided as I tend to have a personality of a potato in some days.

9. There is no such thing as the 'right time' because the right time is freakin' now.
Whatever you're thinking about doing, the right time is now. Provided what you're thinking isn't against the law.

10. I won't be happy if I always compare myself to other people. 
I am so guilty of this that's why I always end up self-pitying and hating myself. Others have gone to graduate school, medicine school, law school and have acquired jobs. Sometimes, I would check into Facebook and feel awful to see how people's lives has moved forward while mine not so much. I realize that I've got my own life to live, my own career timeline to follow and my own dreams to fulfill in their specific schedules that are perfectly suited for my own existence.

11. Continue on dreaming big even if you fall face-flat to the ground.
This is the biggest lesson this year. Every dog has his day and luck always come to those who work hard and dream hard. This reminds me to get off the internet and get some money. Seriously guys, don't stop dreaming. I'm not. I'm still dreaming to be a rich-a** guy who lives in a mansion with his pet dogs and cats.