Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My ICS Life: Agro-Forestry Farm in Canawa and Luan, Bohol, Philippines

Fashion Union Jack Reforestation Forest Area Philippines Agroforestry
Yours truly taking the time to have a picture taken as we walk to the reforestation area.

This Tuesday, our volunteer placement supervisor took me and two of my teammates to an agro-forestry and reforestation area in Brgy. Canawa in Candijay, Bohol. It was a long walk from Canawa barangay hall to the agro-forestry farm, but the journey was worth it with the sights we saw, and  the knowledge shared by our companions. The trek made me realize how successful reforestation projects in Bohol have been. Twenty years ago, the areas we've trekked on were grasslands! Currently, reforestation projects are being done in the Municipality fo Ubay, and I'm hopeful that the local and provincial governments, in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, will succeed in their good efforts to make Bohol even greener than it is now.

Here are some pictures me and my teammates have taken during the trek and in our short stay in the Carood Watershed Model Forest Office for rest and lunch.

Reforestation Philippines Forest Photography
Grassland to forest: the area is a model for more reforestation success stories in the country.

Upon arriving to Carood Watershed Model Forest Office after long hours of trekking.

Watershed Council Philippines Model Forest Forestry
The Carood Watershed Model Forest Office in Canawa, Candijay in Bohol.  

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We started the journey at 0700H and we (me and my teammates) went back to our host homes at around 1500H. Hopefully we can come back as we're thinking of organizing an activity in the area before we leave Bohol on July.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Meet The Bees of Bohol Bee Farm

Bohol Bee Farm is dining place that is very popular in Bohol for its use of 100% organic products in its dishes. Before everyone had their tummies filled with the place's delicious meals, one of the staff took us around the farm to see where and how they grow their ingredients. The highlight would be meeting the bees behind the name of the place.

Bohol Bee Farm Panglao Dining Food

Bee Farm honeybee Honey

Bohol Bee Farm Honeybees Honey Making

Honeybees Honey Making How To Make Bees

Bohol Bee Farm offers a wide range of services to Boholanos and tourists alike. Do check out their official website at http://www.boholbeefarm.com for further details of what they can offer. I could have taken pictures of the food we ate or the great-looking scenes around the area, but let's give the spotlight to the bees this time. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My ICS Life: Bohol's Carood Watershed

This was a video of the Carood Watershed shown to us by our volunteer program supervisor when me and my workmate, Manny, were planning out our presentation this coming Saturday. The video talks about issues and problems the watershed is facing, previews of what the area looks like and snapshots of the people within the area. I'd like to share this video to do my part in spreading awareness about the existence of the said watershed, and how we should all take care of our environment as it is a main source of resources and basic life needs for us. 

 The Carood Watershed is the fifth largest watershed in the province of Bohol in the Philippines. It lies on the eastern part of the island province, and serves as a home for more than 64,000 Boholanos as well as a habitat for a wide array of floral and fauna species (114 floral species, 333 mangrove species, 27 bird species upland and 32 on coastal and mangrove forests). The watershed is composed of six municipalities namely Candijay, Ubay, Pilar, Guindalman, Mabini and Alicia. The said watershed is also one of the two watersheds in the Philippines recognized by the International Model Forest Network.

The video is produced by VSO Bahaginan. VSO is an international development NGO that fights poverty through sending volunteers to development countries as well as developing different programs for the same initiative. The organization is also in charge of implementing the International Citizen Service - Youth Action Programme here in the Philippines where the province of Bohol is one of the potential work area for future youth volunteers.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MY ICS Life: Mangrove-planting in Cogtong Bay

This Monday, one of the activities we did was to plant mangrove propagules in Cogtong Bay. Cogtong Bay is part of the Municipality of Candijay and it serves as the drainage point of the Carood Watershed, Bohol's fifth largest watershed area. Mangroves are very important trees especially for countries like the Philippines. One of the major purposes of mangroves is that they protect coastlines from the strong waves and winds caused by typhoons. Second, they serve as breeding grounds for young estuarine and coastal fishes and crustaceans.

Planting Mangrove Philippines Bohol Cogtong Bay
Me and Bruce planting mangrove propagules in Cogtong Bay's mangrove area.

National Greening Program
Each on of our was given a certain number of mangrove propagules to plant for the activity.

Global XChange International Citizen Service VSO Philippines UKaid
International Citizen Service - Youth Action Batch 030 in Cogtong Bay.

Did you know that by Philippine law, all students and government officials are required to plant at least ten seedlings a year? That is part of the country's National Greening Program. The next time you will hear about a tree-planting activity in your school, university, office or barangay, don't hesitate to participate, and do your share to make the country greener!

Monday, May 14, 2012

My ICS Life: Walking Around My Side of Candijay, Bohol, Philippines

I walked around to take some photos of the town I'm currently living and working in while I'm here in Bohol. The municipality is called Candijay and is located in the eastern side of the island province (see map). Hhere are some photos I took yesterday while I was waiting for my shirt to be tailored in the local tailor. I am yet to see the local tourism destinations in the municipality, and I can't wait to share more photos and stories with you guys soon.

Bohol Philippines Tourism Travel

Bohol Philippines Tourism Travel

Bohol Philippines Tourism Travel

Bohol Philippines Tourism Travel

Bohol Philippines Tourism Travel

Bohol Philippines Tourism Travel

Bohol Philippines Tourism Travel

Bohol Philippines Tourism Travel

Bohol Philippines Tourism Travel

Bohol Philippines Tourism Travel Derek Ramsey Sarah Geronimo

Bohol Philippines Tourism Travel

Saturday, May 5, 2012

MY ICS Life: Snapshots of Anda Global Beach

This Saturday, we went to Global Beach in the Municipality of Anda for a little break from work. From my town of Candijay, it takes around 30 minutes to get to the said beach. Here are a few snapshots I've taken while I was walking around the said beach.

Tumblr Anda Global Beach Bohol Philippines beaches White Sand Tourism

More Fun In The Philippines

Anda Global Beach Bohol Philippines Boracay>

Anda Global Beach Bohol Philippines beaches Worl'd Most BEautiful BEach White Sand Tips Travel

Beach Bohol Philippines Photography White Sand Tourism Travel

Visayas Philippines

Beach Photography Tumblr