Friday, July 20, 2012

My first published write-up! Thanks Philippine Daily Inquirer!

Philippine Daily Inquirer Youth 2BU

If you happen to check out today's issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, I had a write-up published in the Lifestyle section. More specifically, it's in the 2Bu section. You can read the full text on the official website of the said newspaper. It's about my experience as an International Citizen Service volunteer in Bohol, Philippines. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My ICS Life: One last photo barrage of my ICS experience

It's quite fascinating to remember that around this time last week, I just left my host community in Bohol, and have just arrived in Panglao for our debriefing from the volunteering programme. I'm still getting used to not having certain people around anymore. I miss some people, and I hopeful that i'll get the chance to see them again soon. I was looking into my files, and I have decided to share some more photos of Bohol with all of you.

Bohol Philippines Ubay
We went to a dam in Ubay for one of our GCDs and we were lucky to see this view.

Philippines Filipino Jeep Jeepney Transportation Transport
This is the Kuya Martin's jeepney. It's the jeepney we always take for our team activities.

This is the office of the Carood Watershed Management Council in Poblacion, Candijay, Bohol.

Ubay Bohol Philippines Carabao Farming
Me herding a carabao in Ubay, Bohol as part of a 'farm challenge.'

Bohol Panglao Balicasag Island
Approaching Balicasag Island! Prior to taking this photo, we saw dolphins!

When I become ultra rich in the coming future, I'll buy a house similar to this one.

International Citizen Service Youth Action Philippines UK Asia
A remembrance from the ICS experience.

Good times. Indeed, they were good times. I love Bohol, but it won't be the same without everyone. It'll be weirdly nostalgic to be coming back in the island province in the future. I'm missing everyone.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thanks to everyone in ICS-YA 30!

International Citizen Service Youth Action United Kingdom Philippines VSO UK Bahaginan

The past three months have been brilliant. Thank you to every single person who made it amazing. International Citizen Service - Youth Action has been a good learning experience for me. Indeed, I made the right decision in participating in the program. As everything comes to an end today, I'd like everyone to know that it's been good knowing, living and working with all of you. To all the ICS-YA 30 people and the ICS-YA 29 batch as well, all the best in your goals. See you all again soon!

Monday, July 9, 2012

My ICS Life: Thoughts on my last night in Candijay

Hello guys. It's my last night here in my host home in Candijay, Bohol. Aside from that, it's also my last night in my host community which is the same town. Right now, I don't feel sad. Rather, I feel thankful for all the people here who have been a big help to me and all the volunteers assigned in this town. Living and working here has been a good experience where I learned a lot from washing my own clothes to understanding my family back home by living with another family. I'm really thankful for my host family for letting us stay in their house, and treating us as part of their family.

Everyone here in Candijay has been brilliant from the storekeepers, the tailors, the motorcycle drivers, the teachers and more. I properly feel like I've been here far longer than three months. I finally know how it feels to in an 'adopted son' of a certain place. I also got to see a lot of places in this municipality except for it's main tourist attraction, the Can-umantad Falls. I was supposed to visit it today, but I had a surprise errand in Guindulman. Living in a host home and a host community has made me appreciate Bohol so much. Indeed, the people here are among the most friendly in the country.

After this entry gets published, I'll continue packing my things and e-mail the final copy of our terminal report to our work placement supervisors and program supervisors. I really can't find one of my memory cards. It's the one with the photos from our mid-phase review. I should've saved all the pictures in there because they were shots of the sea when we went to Panglao and different scenes. Me and the rest of the volunteers will be leaving for Panglao for our debriefing tomorrow. Hopefully everyone's well. We're off to Panglao tomorrow for our debriefing. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My ICS Life: Hey I just met you, and this is Crazy

Hi guys! Let me introduce you to Crazy. She's one of the four dogs that our host family owns. The other dogs in our house are named Whitie, Tiger and Cutie respectively. I actually like all four of them, but let's take pity on Crazy for having a name like that.

Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe Dog

As you can see, Crazy doesn't look pleased with this next picture. Maybe she secretly hates me for sharing her camera time. She looks like she's thinking, "Oh here's that lame human who squeezed himself into my owner's house again."

Dog Photography Human Man

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My ICS Life: Excerpts from my personal case study

Before our ICS adventure ends, the program requires everyone to write a personal case study where in we'll write about our experience in the program, and how we've changed for the better n the past three months we're in it as youth volunteers. Here's are excerpts from mine.

"With a trait like confidence, one can inspire people to be the best that they can be by simple exerting the effort to be the best version of themselves. Confidence also means being humble and open-minded. That an individual is open to receive criticisms from others, and isn’t afraid of making mistakes in order to learn."

"Knowing the uniqueness of every individual is different from actually learning and experiencing the transformation of your own views and how you perceive people."

"(Confidence that is) acknowledges that aside from being the best version of yourself, you also acknowledge that particular people are actually better than you in some areas. I might be excelling in spoken communication and organizing documents and such, but I certainly am not the best in carpentry, in being the funny one or by being the person in charge of social events."

"Volunteering has helped not only the community but also helped me as well. I guess, if one is a volunteer, he is not only willing to help others but also willing to help himself by working towards improving and striving to be a better version of himself each and every day."