Monday, September 10, 2012

ICS Social Action Project: Teaching kids the little things they could do to save the environment

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This morning I finally did my social action project (SAP). It happened in Iloilo Central Elementary School in Iloilo City. Originally, I was supposed to do a session in one fourth grade class, but some teachers suggested that I do a presentation in the school's regular porch activity every Monday morning. I thought it was a better idea than mine so I went on with that. I dragged my sister to come along to take pictures. It was so early in the morning that we were still sleepy when we arrived.

The school has ten sections for fourth grade, ten sections for fifth grade and eleven sections for sixth grade. Each section has an average of 40 students. Imagine that. I had a presentation about climate change and how young people can do their share in protecting the environment. During the SAP, I asked the kids to raise their hands if they heard of 'climate change' and 'global warming', and I was pleased to see so much hands raising up! One of them even went upon stage to share what she knows.

Though my SAP started with a little talk about climate change, the bulk of what I talked about were the simple way in which youngsters can help save the environment. The weekend prior to my SAP, I've read bits of information from the internet about educating kids about climate change and the environment. In the end, I chose seven simple ways they can practice. It was also good to know that they were practicing some of the 'environmental tips' I told them. I ended the SAP with a message that anyone can do his or her share in helping and protecting the environment, and that little efforts can collectively make big changes.

The SAP went better than I expected. I was nervous the night before, and was even thinking of postponing it. After my presentation, I was called to the principal's office to get a 'certificate of appearance.' The principal and her assistant thought that it could be handy for my documentation as a proof that I appeared in the school to do the activity. Me and my sister went to the nearest McDonald's to get breakfast after we left the school. Thanks to the teachers who made my SAP possible.

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