Friday, February 22, 2013

Solving sanitation problems in Cambodia's floating villages

A photograph I took  last year from a visit to one of Cambodia's floating villages.

I have an article up in the Universities and Councils Network for Innovation for Inclusive Development (UNIID-SEA) website on how Engineers Without Boarders Australia, Live & Learn Environmental Education Cambodia and the people of Phat Sanday Commune have worked together to design and build floating latrines and a floating waste management station for Phat Sanday.

I enjoyed making the article because I have been to one of the floating villages myself, and I found myself being concerned where people get the water they drink from. I also felt that the same scenario happens to some of my countrymen here in the Philippines. Specifically those people who live in informal settlements near rivers and lakes. It's great to know that people are using their skills in making the world a better place. I hope something similar to the floating waste management station happens in Philippine floating communities soon.

To view the full article, kindly click this link