Friday, March 8, 2013

Building bottle classrooms in the Philippines

Bottle Classroom Philippines Sustainable Creative Architecture Illac Diaz

The lack of classrooms in the Philippines would always part of the TV news show headlines every time the opening of classes draws near. This is not something new. One doesn't need to go far away to see the real situation itself. In some schools in Metro Manila alone, it wouldn't be strange to see 70 students cramped up in one tiny room, or two classes being held simultaneously in one classroom. 

Not only are the students and teachers uncomfortable with the set-up, but it also affects their education and the quality of the time they spend in school. This is where sustainable architecture, recycling and creativity comes in with the emergence of bottle classrooms in the country. I have an article up in the Universities and Councils Network for Innovation for Inclusive Development (UNIID-SEA) website about it, so kindly check it out folks. 

To view the full article, kindly click this link.