Friday, April 12, 2013

A community-initiated bridge construction in the Philippines

International Development Rural Bamboo Bridge Construction Matina Davao Philippines

For my last contribution for my internship with the Universities and Councils Network for Innovation for Inclusive Development (UNIID-SEA) of the Ateneo School of Government, I have written a short article about the Matina Bridge construction in Davao, Philippines. 

The locals over there had the imitative to build the bridge and look for possible partners on their own. My article is just short, but I love the story of the bridge's construction because it shows that we don't really need to wait on the government to act on the improvements we want in our communities. Sometimes the solutions lies in our own hands.

To read the full article, kindly click this link

Monday, April 1, 2013

Incredibly grateful: Heading to New Delhi, India this April

India Flad Travel Adventure Asian Development Bank VSO Bahaginan UKaid VSO UK International Citizen Service ICS Youth Action Asia

I have some incredible news to share with you all. Yours truly has been chosen as one of the Filipino youth representatives for the upcoming Asian Youth Forum in New Delhi, India. The said forum is organized and sponsored by Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Plan India.

The forum, fully titled Asian Youth Forum: Empowering Young Partners for Development, is the first of its kind from ADB. I'll be going to New Delhi with fellow ICS return volunteer, Melissa. What's more exciting is that we have a presentation slot in the said forum! If you ever saw a guy smiling while riding the MRT last week, that's got to be me. I'm really that happy this amazing opportunity came.

Not only are we attending the youth forum, we'll also be delegates to this year's Asian Development Bank Annual Meeting of Governors. How out of this world is that? It's such a big deal because it has been a dream of mine and some of my friends to work in Asian Development Bank. For a 23-year-old guy like me who is just in the early phases of his career, being in the annual meeting is an opportunity and an experience of a lifetime. Words can't describe how immensely grateful I feel for every single person who made this possible for me. May the Boss of the Universe bless everyone who helped me in this.

This is, without doubt, an immense way of starting the second quarter of the year. What I can promise is that I'll do my best in the said events, enjoy my time while I'm there, and represent the country in the best way possible by being myself and sharing the skills, knowledge and personal experience I've had with NGO work, volunteering and so much more. I've never been to India, and I've never thought it would be possible for me to go there this year. It's my first time to go to the said country, and I am looking forward to meeting all new people while we're there.

P.S. Before I end this post, I'd like to share with you guys something strange. Two years ago, I blogged about a dream on going to India to present in an international conference. How surreal is this? | Photo Source: