Saturday, September 20, 2014

Weekend retreat in Nasugbu, Batangas

It was quite a tiring last few weeks, so I'm glad I got to have a little break away from the city and spend the weekend in one of my favorite places in the country - Nasugbu, Batangas. I didn't really get to get around much as it was meant for retreat and prayers, but it was a weekend well spent nevertheless. It's good that I got to take myself back a little from everything and just spend a few days with some new friends I've come to know this year. 

I'll come back next time to take even more pictures, visit more places, and perhaps spend some time running. I absolutely love Batangas, and if I weren't from Iloilo I could have definitely been a Southie. My weekend trip reminded me of the importance of taking yourself away from everything once in a while, re-assess your goals, and just spend a good time with the Lord in a great place. Now let's slay the rest of the year shall we?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Harbor Square: One of my new favorite places


Ever since moving to a new area in Manila, at least for this year, I have found a new hangout place where I often find myself enjoying a cup of iced tea in the coffee shop in the area, or spend my afternoons chilling, studying and reading. This place is no other than Harbor Square, an area just beside the Cultural Center of the Philippines. 

There are a number of food places in the area, but what I enjoy most is the view of Manila sea with all the yachts on their specific docks, the local fishermen trying to get their daily catch, and a slight swarm of people enjoying the same view that I do. Coming from a sea-side city, the view of the sea always reminds me of home. Aside from that, I also find myself at peace whenever I find myself looking at a great view whether it might be a view of a city, or a landscape. The view in Harbor Square is one of those views. 

Here are some photos of the place from my various visits. Manila might be one of the most stressful, bloated and craziest cities in the planet - but Harbor Square is one of its hidden gems that remind me that staying in Manila, at least for the remaining years of my studies, isn't so bad after all. I just got to veer away from the crazy road congestion and the really hot days.