Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: Making important decisions and sticking by them

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This was a year about taking a stand on the decision I've made. It started with me going full force on the idea of studying abroad for my graduate degree. Turning 25 next year, I felt that it was the right time to finally make my dream of studying abroad a reality. I really wanted to go back to the university environment, but in a different country. My idea of furthering education was not only going somewhere faraway to learn new skills and travel more, but also learn more about myself by living in another country.

I did a lot of preparations for possibly moving into a colder part of the planet during the first part of the year; organising my language documents, having some former bosses sign my recommendation letters, preparing my undergraduate documents and credentials to researching on what my life would be up there in the north. With all hope and faith, I knew I could get the scholarship, and zoom away to my new home at least for the next two years.

But things did not quite go the way I thought they would be. It was because I did a life-changing decision after the first quarter. As the date of the graduate school results drew nearer, I began to question my intentions. Do I really want to further my education (well yes I do), travel another continent (Obviously!), or just wanted to run away from the country for a little while and at the same time impressing my peers that I was able to "study a graduate degree abroad while them little wannabes" can't?

All this and more brought me a number of thoughts. I lifted my confusion up to The Big Boss Up There (well, I don't know if you guys believe in Him, but I reckon there must be Someone in charge of all this at the very least don't you?), and let Him decide all this for me. I'm a believer that we make our own choices in life, but I also believe there's something greater than all of us up there beyond the stars and the galaxies, too. Anyway, all I can remember is that I prayed that if indeed I were to jet off to another continent, He'd let me qualify for the program and university I applied for, and win the scholarship. On the other hand, if He wanted me to stay put in good ole Philippines, He'd let me pass my second choice university, and I'd never complain of the next few years of doing graduate studies here.

Well honey, what did I get? I did not get in my first choice university, but got considered for the second choice one. And you know what that means? Ive got to make my bum sit down in the Philippines at least in the next three years.

It has not been all negative to be honest. I've always thought about getting around my own country more, and I've always been wanting to visit some of the popular destinations here. Though I really want to fly off and study somewhere else, staying in the country for a little while wouldn't hurt. This year, I've learned a lot more about myself, and tested the limits of my patience, perseverance and faith not only in professional school, but also in believing that everything in life would work out just fine.

I know The Big Boss Up There has a plan for everything. And despite my skepticism on what they are, or my fear that what He wants is not exactly what I want, I am learning to trust His ways even more. I know He won't forsake me, and will give me opportunities to do the things I love along the way.

What I learned best from 2014 is that sometimes going with the flow does not mean you let go of having control with your life. At times, it's also about enjoying the present situation, and doing your best in the current challenges you are presented to ultimately come out stronger and better to face the bigger dreams that you have. I also would like to this The Big Boss Up There is preparing a number of surprises up His sleeve in the next few years, and I would like to think everything would be worthwhile.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Watching the sunset in Fort San Pedro in Iloilo City

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If you find yourself in my hometown, don't forget to spend some time by the sea and watch the glorious sun set in Fort San Pedro. It's one of my favorite places in the city, and it's a great place to just chill, watch the boats sail, enjoy the cool winds, and spend some time with your friends or family. It's also ideal for some 'me' time, or perhaps to take photos of sunrises and sunsets from this corner of the Philippines.

Whenever I'm in town, I always make it a point to visit Fort San Pedro, and just relax. I always feel comfortable near the water. I'm not sure if it has got to do with me being born under Pisces, or just being a guy who lives in a place that relies much on fisheries. But seriously lads and gals, never let the opportunity pass to get here when you're in Iloilo City. It's just a cheap jeepney ride away, and there are tiny stores in the area where you can get some refreshments. The place reminds me of how calm, simple and relaxing Iloilo is, and why it's always great to come around from time to time. 

Here are some photographs I've taken, and I'm glad to share with everyone:

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A photo posted by Vin Delgado (@segervin) on

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