Sunday, February 15, 2015

Paco Park: Manila's Hidden Treasure

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Somewhere within the mess, craziness and confusion that is Manila lies a secret sanctuary of peace, quietness and calmness in the middle of the city. This place is called Paco Park, and I had a wonderful opportunity to visit the park, and spend my Saturday morning over there.

The place was originally the city's cemetery. Now it is a recreational garden that attracts a number of locals and foreigners. And why should they not be? Paco Park is beautiful, very accessible, and the entrance fee is a measly ten pesos. 

The park is a must-visit when you find yourself in the area. It's a great place to chill with your family or friends when you find yourselves in a weekend in the city. The place is well kept, and is indeed, somewhere where you can just escape from the rush and noise of one of the busiest cities in the world.

I enjoyed walking around the park, and taking pictures around. It is indeed is a great venue for fun shoots. More than that, a number of events also happen weekly aside from the usual wedding receptions being held in it. I'd love to come back again next time, and take even more photos.

If you just live nearby, this is a great place to come often to enjoy a fine day like I did. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and rewind a little from our usual routines, and just focus on the simpler things in life. A visit to your nearby park is something I think we should all re-discover enjoying.

Below are a few more photos I've taken from Paco Park:

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A photo posted by Vin D. (@segervin) on

A photo posted by Vin D. (@segervin) on

A photo posted by Vin D. (@segervin) on

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tycho in Manila... and of course I'm there too!

Tycho Manila Music Awake Past Is Prologue Design Poster Asia Australia Tour

Last Monday I was so bothered because I was not able to get tickets for Tycho's last leg of the Awake Asia Tour. Incredibly bothered to be honest. I am such a big fan, and how criminal would it be for me not to go to their first show in Manila, and the last show in Asia for this tour right? But lo and behold, the duo held an online contest the morning of the show, and I won the fridgin' thing! Proper amazing! Before I knew it, I was on my way to The Theatre at Solaire to watch the show. My schoolmates in graduate school as well as my friends helped me out in winning as I'm very vocal on how much I love them, and how much I listen to their music. Holy moly, thank you guys!

Tycho Scott Hansen Zac Brown Music California Art
Tycho are Scott Hansen and Zac Brown | Photo Source: Bandwidth

Tycho is known for mixing ambient music style with surreal visuals - and excels in both! I love both works, and together, these two elements make a really great show. It's the type of music that you can play on a chill night with friends, or on a road trip to a faraway beach paradise. Hear it for yourself, folks because I really can't explain in words how much I love them. But it's really a different feeling when you get to see your favorite musicians live right?

And back to the show... I was so close to the stage! You guys don't know how happy I am. I literally left my friend when the audience came so close to the stage. To be honest I don't know who the hell I was standing beside, but it's great to see a lot of other fans enjoying the show as much as I did. It was really a great, great night. It meant a lot to me seeing them, hearing them live, and enjoying the various moments of the show.

Until now I can't believe I got to see them live and in the flesh! It all feels like a dream full of relaxing energy and geometric topography. It as so good to see other Tycho lovers, see on the big screen a great array of visuals from the performances, and experience a night full of live versions of my favorite songs from Tycho's albums! I was just on cloud nine, and smiling the whole time. I think I lost my sanity just a little bit when they played Awake, See and Montana. The latter especially!

A massive thanks to Tycho for choosing me as one of the winners to get to see the show for free! I will always remember the night, and it's incredible to see you guys live. Rest assured I'll be around when you come back to the Philippines, or when I'm abroad and you guys happen to be playing where my feet would take me. Here are more photos from the show, but I'm not sorry for not taking more. I just wanted to enjoy the show, and only took little. 

Tycho Scott Hansen Zac Brown Awake Asia Tour Manila Philippines Solaire Resort and Casino The Theatre Theater vsco
I was this close, guys!

The only shot of the night that I really, truly bother sharing.

Started my February 2015 right, with one of the best nights ever.