Thursday, April 30, 2015

Good morning, Tagaytay City!

It's been almost a year since I actually went somewhere aside from flying back and forth Manila and Iloilo. For most of those times, I mainly faced a lot of notes, books and more books or been doing paperworks. Within the school year, I basically ditched every chance I have to have a vacation because I don't want to feel any kind of guilt for not using my time wisely. And to add up to that, I would spend my extra time to sleep and regain energy. Now, after more than a year, I have finally gone somewhere else aside from the usual 'cause this week, some of my friends in professional school and I went for a short day trip to Tagaytay City in Cavite, Philippines!

Here's the view that greeted us that morning:

Nature Landscape Cavite Photography Tagaytay City Starbucks Most Beautiful Starbucks in the Philippines Prettiest Sea Taal Lake VSCO Asia Travel Tourism It's More Fun In The Philippines Visit Cheap Rates Budget

Here are two more photos. I did not take a lot because I wanted to stay in the present moment and relax with my friends:

A photo posted by Vin Delgado (@segervin) on

A photo posted by Vin Delgado (@segervin) on

This officially marks the start of my summer vacation, and I'll try to go to other places before I fly back to Iloilo, and before the school year opens again this August. I'll definitely come back to Tagaytay City within the year because I still have a few more places in it that I want to visit. Of course, this also affirms that I might secretly be a Southie all this time. For now, I'm just glad I got to see a view of the Earth again. So... hello summer!

Asia Philippines Equestrian Horse Horseback Riding Cavite Tagaytay City Picnic Grove Travel Boy Filipino
Photo by M.Paca

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My sister topped the 2015 Librarian Licensure Examinations!

This has got to be filed under some "Highlights of My 2015" folder floating up there in outer space. The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) just released the results of this year's Librarian Licensure Examinations - and my sister topped the whole thing!

Filipino Librarian Top Examinee 2015 Librarian Licensure Examinations Professional Regulation Commission Philippines Information MAnagement Science Library Central Philippines University University of the Philippines Diliman Iloilo Ilongga School of Library and Information Science Education CPU

I was waiting earnestly in the nearby CBTL cafe for the results to come out, and felt goosebumps when I saw the top ten list. My sister bested out all the examinees in the country to emerge at the #1 position of the said licensure exam. It's quite funny how she basically bested out everyone from University of the Philippines Diliman for the top spot.

Congratulations to my sister for this achievement!

The passing rate for this year's Librarian Licensure Examination (LLE) is 47 percent (349 out of 742). The full list of qualified examinees for the 2015 Librarian Licensure Examinations can be found in PRC's official website.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

How do you capture Manila Bay's beautiful sunset?

This way?   
Pacific Ocean Sea Sunset Sun View Sky Photography Tourism Travel Asia Philippines Manila Manila Bay Boy Nature

This way?
 Landscape Seascape Photography Asia Manila Manila Bay Sunset Best Sunset View Perfect Paradise Philippines Nature Pinoy Filipino Photographer

Or maybe this way? Award Winning Photograph Manila Photographer Filipino Philippines Asia Guy Boy Teen Blog Landscape View Seascape Scene Scenery Travel Tourism Visit Philippines It's More Fun In The Philippines Art

Okay maybe this one is better? Art Artist Beautiful Sunset Sunrise Philippines Beach Beaches Summer Filipino Photography Photographer Pinoy Boat Rural Fisherman Fishing Landscape Seascape World Class best VSCO Instagram popular 

Let's get it right shall we?
Date National Geographic Asian Geographic Asia Philippines Manila Manila Bay Travel Tourism Geography Filipino Photography Photographer Pinoy VSCO Sunset Sun Sunrise Beach Guy Teen Boy Best Class

I give up. This is the best I can get.

So how do you capture Manila Bay's beautiful sunset? 

You can't. You just have to go there, and see it for yourself.