Monday, November 16, 2015

Owning it

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It has been a few years since I started law school, and I have been silent about it for most part. I never post about it on social media, only a few of my friends know I'm doing it (very few in fact), and if ever I have posts about it they're merely slight references. I have never talked fully about it (not that I ever talked fully about anything). I do not even find the time to update this good ol' blog of mine on what is really happening in my life, and just uploaded a few posts just because.

All throughout those years, I never really owned the dream of being a lawyer. I merely coasted along. I must admit did my part in the job: I studied hard, I always tried to improve myself and made sure my grades were okay for me to make the cut. Sometimes it was hard to get myself to work because I felt like I should be doing something else, but I went along anyway. 

I was okay with this kind of situation, but things got a lot harder, the academic load is got more demanding by the week, and expectations are now placed at a higher level. Thus pushing myself to do things only became more challenging even if I have the capability to compete and do well. I guess there's a certain point in chasing a dream where you not only feel in yourself whether you can do it or not. You will have to decide you want it. It has come to a point that if one does not want it enough, he'll be carried away by the tide - not towards the dream, but away from it.

After weeks of extreme stress, tears, blood and sweat I have decided to finally own the dream. I can now say, "I want it", "I will make this work", and "I'm not going anywhere but to where the prize is." Too much has been given in the past years to actually give up on this dream - a dream that I may have not thought to be mine in the first place, but is actually something that was meant for me along.

Honestly, one does not comprehend how difficult and taxing law school is until you find yourself in it. But starting now I can confidently say that I'm studying to get a Juris Doctor, I'm studying so I could do well in the bar, I'm studying to make my life better, and that I'm studying to open up a better future for myself, my family and my future family.

Starting today, I, Vin, am owning this dream. I'm also owning up all the responsibilities that come along with fulfilling it. And I solemnly swear I'm going to be so good at it that no one can take it away.