Monday, January 25, 2016

I'll miss you DLSU Taft Campus

This Monday, as I was in school listing down my assignments for the week, and thereafter walking around campus to get my joints moving, it dawned to me that this term is my last term in De La Salle University's (DLSU) Taft Campus. It seems like yesterday when I was applying for a place in one of the university's graduate programs, and now two years have passed!

I'll surely miss a whole lot of things and places here in DLSU, and central Manila itself: There's the well-designed Henry Sy Hall where I always used to study during my freshman year. Then there's the chapel where I always pray whenever I pass by. I'll also miss the Moonleaf Tea Shop branch they have here in One Archer's Place because it reminds me of my undergraduate days in UP Diliman. 

I'll most definitely miss the convenience of being near Manila Bay, the CCP Complex and Mall of Asia. I couldn't overemphasize to you guys how often I'm in these areas just walking around, running a little, and taking photos of the Manila Bay sunsets. The thought that I won't be doing much of those anymore makes me want to make the most out of the remaining time I have here.

The Taft campus is also special as my stay here marks a time when my sister and I began to live away from our parents, and rented our first proper condominium unit. We normally spend the weekends together when we're done with graduate school and work. But since my sister is leaving her work soon, and I, would be leaving Taft soon as well, I feel that the timing is just right.

Next school year, I'll be in another city as my college moves to its new building and campus in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig City. But before all that, I would need to pass my current courses to make sure I'm still around for next school year's round of subjects. Wish me luck, and please include me in your prayers!
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